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Physical and mental well being

At the request of our clients, it is possible to receive massages by professionals in the flats.



“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness” (E. Bach).

Given the importance of the physical contact, the message is a millennial heritage in several cultures and it is used to relieve physical and emotional pains in adults and children.

Indeed, not all massages need a medical hand to be given. There are cuddles, affective massages, maternage, aesthetic, sensual, relaxing, anti-stress massages, etc.

The Flower Massage can be certainly included in the emotional and harmonizing massages category.

It is a special form of psychosomatic full body and profound massage using different types of oils and Bach flower remedies. This massage is customised.


“RITUAL BACH“  (FULL BODY TREATMENT) Duration: 1h 30 min

You can choose stones and crystals. According to your choice, at the moment,  the masseur creates a mix of oils adding the flowers that will integrate the vibration of the stones you chose. Depending on your personal needs, during the treatment the masseur places the stones you chose and some pure Bach Flowers on the parts of your body you want; we do this in order to eliminate possible energy stagnations, to  raise the body vibration and so to improve the treatment efficacy.

–     BACK  Duration: 20 minPrice: 25 €

Mix of oils and Bach Flowers

–    LEGS  AND FEETS  Duration 40 min

Mix of oils and Bach Flowers

–   FACE  Duration 20 min

Mix of oils and Bach Flowers

These treatments create a very beautiful, relaxing  sensation  that makes you feel light, it seems to fly!



ENERGISING OIL Duration: 45 min

Full body treatment with sesame oil, brush and pure lemon essential oil on specific parts of your body in order to reinforce that part and eliminate possible body aches.


Draining and moulding treatment with apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil and an essential oil choosing between strawflower / grapefruit / yarrow / orange/ geranium/ birch wood  or ginger essential oil.

TONING TREATMENT Duration: 60 min

Toning and reinforcing treatment for skin and tissues with sesame oil, grape seed oil and an essential oil choosing between vetiver/ rosewood / citronella / cypress / cistus or patchouli essential oil.

CHOCOLATE MASSAGE Duration: 50 min

Nourishing treatment: cocoa butter, almonds and safflower oil provides skin with moisture and precious nourishing substances. Even a very dry and rough skin becomes soft and elastic.

RELAXING ESSENCE Duration: 60 min –  Price: 50 €

Full body relaxing treatment with very slow actions that must be done preferably in the evening or if you want to spend an evening with yourself. We recommend that you don’t drink coffee before and after the treatment. Massage with pure Argan oil and the essential oil you choose.



PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY Duration: 60 min – Price: 60 €

Elimination of several discomforts and energy blocks whose presence sometimes is unknown. A wonderful relaxing and, at the same time, fortifying, draining and energising massage. We recommend receiving this massage in the evening.


HEAD, NECK, SHOULDERS AND FEET TREATMENT Duration: 60 min – Price: 50 €

Perfect against headache, insomnia and occupational stress.

HAND TREATMENT Duration: 30 min – Price: 25 €

Perfect for those who work several hours at a computer or have aches in hands and arms.



VECTOR OILS: different types of oils depending on your skin type and on your personal needs. They are used individually or to spread essential oils and Bach Flowers.

ESSENTIAL OILS: are the highest form of the healing power in the vegetal world because they represent the essence of the plant. Coming from around the world, the oils used for this type of treatment are at the man disposal for restoring the right body balance.

STONES AND CRYSTALS: stones and crystal are “the truth serum”. You are not always conscious of the reason of your discomforts; with the assistance of  these stones and crystals you will helps trough “energy osmosis” (an energy exchange between stones to a person),during the identification of your discomforts.

BACH FLOWERS: are archetypes. They recover all the unbalanced states of mind. In some combinations they become possible and very powerful tools for lessening and sometimes for  eliminating a variety of discomforts.

The Emotional Californian massage is first of all a relaxing massage and soothing.
The long movements to wrap” invite people to discover their bodies and to make matches of the parties, to love him and to accompany him to a centering and balance.
BENEFITS: The Californian Massage improves tissue perfusion thanks for drainage of the venous and lymphatic circulation. Facilitates a return to equilibrium of the nervous system due to stimulation of the numerous nerve endings during the application of the manipulations. Useful in the treatment of insomnia and stress.

Full body massage, nice for those who want to enjoy all the phases that make up the massage itself, such as touch, friction, kneading, vibration and percussion. Great after a day of hiking in our green Umbria.
BENEFITS: The Classic Swedish Massage collects itself all the benefits of massage more specific. And lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, relaxant and omitting the Percussion” very relaxing at the same time.

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